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What the Car Owners themselves have said
  "My car never looked so good, thanks guys."
- Charlie Taylor, Newton
  “Everything went so smooth. Your staff made it so easy for me.”
- Brian Dec, Waltham
  “I will be telling many of my friend about your exceptional service.”
- Sam Day Jr., Waltham
  “You cleaned my car! I didn’t expect that!
What a wonderful job”
- Tracy Stevens, Weston
  “Terrific job” - Joe Cole
  “Your staff really knows customer service and how to fix a car.”
- Susan Le Bron
  “I almost want to get into another accident so I can come back, (Kidding).
Thanks for a great job on my car.”
- Camron Herold
  “ Job well done, and thanks for the ride to the airport.”
- Doug Todd
  “I can’t believe what you guys can do to a damaged car. No one can tell!”
- Tony De Maio
  “You finished two days ahead of schedule. Thanks”
- Joe Camillari
  “Your understanding and attention is greatly appreciated”
- Janice Fraser
  “You will be easy to recommend. Thanks for getting my car on time”
Dr. Morgan
  “Hate accidents, love you guys”
- Karen Price